Uppsats: Visionen om Jämställdhet

– en multipel fallstudie om vilka som deltar i arbetet med jämställdhet

Examensarbete i Management av Julia Larsdotter och Matilda Nehlmark, publicerat i maj 2016, i syfte att öka förståelsen för vilka personer i företag som jämställdhetsarbetet faller på när jämställdhetsfrågor får ökad strategisk relevans. Alla företag som ingår i studien är med i Womentor.


There is a growing consensus among top executives that gender equality is an imperative issue and that it is not only the right thing, but also the smart thing to do. Traditionally, strategic matters have been a task for top executives, while gender equality, on the other hand, has been a task for the human resources department. This poses questions about what happens and who will be involved when gender equality to a larger extent is recognized as of strategic importance for a business. However, little attention has been devoted to studying the participants of gender strategy.

This thesis aims to explore work with gender equality, focusing in particular on the participants involved. In pursuit of this, we have performed a qualitative, multiple case study based on interviews with human resource managers and staff from the Swedish IT and telco industry. By applying a theoretical framework of strategic planning as practice to the study of practitioners, we aim to better understand the participation behind gender equality as seen from a social perspective.

Our findings suggest that certain roles and patterns of participation in gender equality work can be identified. We find that top management needs to provide organizational guidance through a clear vision as well as willingness and ability to make decisions. The human resources department has a far reaching responsibility and oversee much of the work behind creating and realizing a gender equality plan. Middle managers, on the other hand, are left to make sense of and implement these plans. In addition to the mentioned participants, our study shows that strategic champions may influence many different aspects of the gender equality work.

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