Results 2015 

Twenty-five companies participated in Womentor in 2015: Acando, Agero, Capgemini, CGI, CSC, Evry, Fujitsu, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, IFS, Infor, Microsoft, Opus Capita, PA Consulting Group, Prevas, Sogeti, Steria, TDC, Tele2, Telenor, Teleopti, TeliaSonera, Teracom, Tieto and Tre.

Of these, 63% achieved or came close to the targets they set themselves for 2015. Of the 17 companies who had a set goal of increasing the proportion of women in management positions, 65% succeeded. Four of these – CGI, Sogeti, Tele2 and Teleopti – achieved a result during 2015 of 40% or more of management positions being filled by women. In total, 35 mentees and the same number of mentors from the 25 companies participated in Womentor 2015 and gave the programme an excellent overall rating.

Evaluations of Womentor unequivocally show that it is those companies that work actively toward equality in a goal-oriented manner who achieve results. All 25 companies set up individual measurable goals at the beginning of the year – focusing on women as a skills-resource and talent supply for management positions – that were monitored and reported by the respective companies. These results are also of importance outside of the organisations themselves; the progress and developments shown in 25 influential companies surely having an effect on the entire industry.

This is confirmed by the mentees and mentors of 2015 who, in their final evaluation, expressed the belief that Womentor affects the proportion of women leaders in the industry as a whole to a greater degree than in their own company.

Medverkande företag


Medverkande företag